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Welcome to

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( " Hey ... that's ME ! " )

Finally!  A place where I can give y'all a glimpse of just what goes on inside this bowling ball I call my head, and if you're willing to take the trip, I throw my metaphorical doors wide open, drop the metaphorical drawbridge into place, and grant you passage across the metaphorical moat and access into my cranial castle.  You might want to bring a flashlight, or a gps unit, or a heaping helping of hutzpah, or something, because it tends to be kinda dark and frightful in there ... !

Woo hoo, i'm so ~excited~!

Let's crank this puppy up and get this show on the road, 'k?!?

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== EPISODE 1 ! ==  
And Awa-a-a-ay We GO!

     7-22-08.  My ~first show~!  YIPPEE-KIE-YAY!!  This new
          series should be a wild ride, so buckle it up!  I'm kicking
          off the vidcasts with my two most-recent originals.  Plus,
          you'll meet The Fingernail in "Kiss! My! Axe!"  Hey, if
          you brought some popcorn, now's the time to dig in!!
    - Bump On My Head
    - Trixie (Is In The House)
       ... both from "Genius At Play"  
[renamed "Genius At Trophy"]

                                                                                     length: 15:40

hello-o-o-o peoples!

up close and personal

== EPISODE 2 ! ==  
All-Sydney Edition

     7-29-08.  This second episode of my future-award-winning
          vidcast is a Super-Sydney Extravaganza . . . which has
          nothing to do with Australia, and everything to do with
          my great pal Syd.  Accordingly, you'll hear 2 Syd-songs
          from my catalog, plus you'll enjoy another installment of
          "Kiss! My! Axe!" where you'll meet The Flying Saucer.
    - If I Thanked God
    - For Rebecca's On My Mind
       ... both from "the return of Abstract Mickey"
                                                                                     length: 16:20


== EPISODE 3 ! ==  

     8-5-08.  Ah, yes  ...  love.  That sweet delight of innocent
          newness, of soulmates found.  It's enough to make the
          birdies twitter in their love nests.  But in my 3rd show, I
          speak not of love's Spring-y side, but of the Winter-y sting
          of being flattened by L'amour's size 16 stableboots ... to
          which I could only utter a mournful "(see episode title)."
    - She Rocked My World
    - Azziwuz
       ... both from "Pinecone Interruptus"
                                                                                     length: 15:19

heart-is-broke condition

peek-a-boo ...

== EPISODE 4 ! ==  
To The Enz Of The Earth

     8-12-08.  In this, the 4th episode, I wear my Lucky Lottery
          Shirt ... which, come to think of it, isn't really all that
          lucky, because I ain't won no lottery (I wonder if that's
          because I don't buy lottery tickets any more ... hmmm).
          You'll hear two songs from a golden age fondly recalled,
          and in "Kiss! My! Axe!", I introduce The Birdseye.
    - Ever On My Mind
    - Two Kids
       ... both from "The Other Side Of The Coin"
                                                                                     length: 15:26


== EPISODE 5 ! ==  
Digital Cowboy

     8-19-08.  Gittyup!  I finally let my inner cowboy out to 'play'
          (double meaning, there), and you'll plainly see I'm not a
          gun-totin' cowboy, but more of a guitar-totin' cowboy.
          Plus, a new feature makes its debut here at TASOTAK
          called "Air-Conditioner Mail" in which our first email is
          from Flarcherville AZ (a rowdy yee-haw to Romy J JJ !).
    - Don't Need Me Now (Doggie Died)
    - This Boy And This Girl (One Heart)
       ... both from "I'm Not A Cowboy...But I Play One On CD"
                                                                                     length: 16:04

howdy, pardner!

a knowing grin

== EPISODE 6 ! ==  

     8-26-08.  On this ~Very Personal Episode~ of TASOTAK, I
          feature the emotional and touching final poem by my dad,
          written to my mother upon grasping the realization that
          cancer would soon claim his life.  But first I kick butt w/ a
          take-no-prisoners signature song for a power-rock band.
          Wow ... I do it all, don't I.                     Yep.
    - Time For The Party
    - Our Time To Say Goodbye
       ... both from "Next Stop: Tommytown"
                                                                                     length: 16:18


== EPISODE 7 ! ==  

     9-2-08.  This lucky seventh episode cornucopias forth with
          the song that started it all {We Gotta Try, a protest song
          written during the Viet Nam war}, and the latest song on
          my shelf {Bite To Eat, which happened to me mere days
          ago}.  A nice pair of bookends if ever there was one.
    - Bite To Eat (Confusion Reigns)
... now on "the return of Abstract Mickey"

    - We Gotta Try (To Get It Together)
       ... from "Next Stop: Tommytown"
                                                                                     length: 15:37

steady gaze

whadda guy

== EPISODE 8 ! ==  
The Silver Tone

     9-9-08.  "Kiss! My! Axe!" bemusedly introduces you to The
          Silver Tone, which amounts to little more than a toy but
          sure is a gas to look at!  For the music, I showcase two
          songs from my second cd, the cover of which features my
          favorite picture of my favorite dog Max, airborne ... in a
          shot planned and taken by my pops, man of many hats.
    - Simple Promises I'm Too Shy To Make
    - Phlegm Boy
       ... both from "Max Airborne"
                                                                                     length: 15:24


== EPISODE 9 ! ==   
Episode 9 From Outer Space

     9-16-08.  What better garb to wear on this Outer Space
          episode than my bizarre-o Hess's Employee Shirt?  And
          what better guitar to play on this Outer Space episode
          than The Flying Saucer??  And what better cd to feature
          on this Outer Space episode than "What Planet Am I
          On?!"???  And ... what better time to CLICK TO IT !!!!
    - Planet V
    - Rails To Romance
       ... both from "What Planet Am I On?!"
                                                                                     length: 15:05

out of this world ... or at the very least:  out to lunch!

yikes ... i just sat on a popsicle !

== EPISODE 10 ! ==  
Key Rash

     9-23-08.  I briefly revisit some thoughts thunked during the
          ending of my first marriage, via two songs from that era           ... which brings to mind the age-old query:  if a marriage
          falls apart in the forest and no one is there to hear it,
          does it still make a noise?  "Hmph," I say enigmatically,
          slowly nodding, "someone is always there to hear it."
    - Stare Into The Sun
    - I'm A Couch Potato For You
       ... both from "62 Minutes Of Raw Therapy"
                                                                                     length: 15:15


== EPISODE 11a ! ==  
Happy Birthday, Ron

     9-30-08.  This episode enjoys the distinction of having not
          one ... not two ... but ~three~ Firsts!!  Let's review 'em,
          so we can notify the Guiness Book Of World Records:
    1) Tasotak's first GUEST (my nephew Ron);
    2) Tasotak's first LIVE REMOTE (my sister Sand's house);
    3) Tasotak's first TWO-PART EPISODE (Ron is in Part A,
    and his delightful daughters Rachel & Erica are in Part B).
          After Ron appeared on my show, he became an instant
          Internet Star, and now he won't give me the time of day!
                                                                                     length:   7:36

ronny playing to the camera ... beating me at my own game!


== EPISODE 11b ! ==  
Rachel And Erica

     9-30-08.  Well, after Ron got interviewed, these two li'l' gals,
          who just happen to be his daughters - my greatnieces -
          about went crazy to have me interview ~them~, so what
          could I do but ... interview them ..!.. and lemme tell ya,
          what fun it turned out to be!!  We had a nifty bunch of
          laughs and learned a few groovy tidbits along the way!!!
          I grinningly confess, though, that interviewing these two
          sharp-minded comedians was ~not~ as easy as it may
          seem ... they were one step ahead of me the whole time!
                                                                                     length: 15:46

two of the sweetest little girls there ever was!

i {heart} tiff

== EPISODE 12 ! ==  
Tiffany Alvord Is Amazing!

     10-7-08.  Tonight I bypass my favorite topic (=ME!=) so I
          can champion a new passion of mine:
  Tiffany Alvord,           singer/songwriter.  I'm not gonna expound upon Tiffany
          nor show her picture until I play her songs for you - this
          way, you won't know anything about the songwriter, and
          you'll appraise the songs on their own merits.  Be ready
          to be impressed, folks ... this is a ~remarkable~ artist!
     "That Kiss"  &  "My Dream"  &  "I Wanted To Say"
          ... all 3 songs written by Tiffany Alvord
                                                                                     length: 22:14


== EPISODE 13 ! ==  

     10-14-08.  Me ..?.. afraid of this 13th episode?  (that's what
          triskaidekaphobia is - fear of the number 13).  Pish posh
          and bah humbug!  I ~laugh~ in the face of superstition.
          If anything, I have triskaidekaMANIA.  So join me as I
          chortle fearlessly at #13 with some luck-related songs,
          and you'll finally meet The Confetti in "Kiss! My! Axe!"
    - Me Lucky Charm
    - Opportunity Knocks
       ... both from "Next Stop: Tommytown"
                                                                                     length: 14:15

i'm lucky to be me

all hands on deck ... !

== EPISODE 14 ! ==  

     10-21-08.  Ahoy, me mateys and me landlubbers!  Welcome
          aboard the SS TASOTAK, the finest ship in the fleet ...
          (not to mention - the only ship in the fleet).  "The only
          ship in the fleet?"  (Hey, I told you not to mention that!)
          Tonight we're sailing through two songs from my first cd,
          and we'll harbor at "Kiss! My! Axe!" to meet The Rem.
    - Anchor
    - Stop The Sea
       ... both from "Home-Ogenized"
                                                                                     length: 17:37


== EPISODE 15 ! ==  

     10-28-08.  Halloween is coming, and hooo boy, is it scarey.
          You'll see kids dressed as ghosts, goblins, bats, witches,
          and monsters ... but if you see something like this ===>
          run for your life!!  This All-Hallow's episode inaugurates
          an enlightening new feature called "Nuthin' To Say".
    - Three Guesses
       ... from "62 Minutes Of Raw Therapy"
    - These Magical Things
       ... from "Tides And Sand"
                                                                                     length: 13:04

the original halloween scare

hey look - it's gilligan, and the skipper, too!!

== EPISODE 16 ! ==  
Vote For Davey Wow

     11-4-08.  The first guest appearance of my musical buddy
          Davey Wow happens to fall on Election Day, hence the
          voting motif in the title.  Davey's harmonica prowess is
          highlighted in a song written by The Wow Brothers, and
          he also plays one of his own Hawaiian-flavored tunes.
    - Sweetness By The Hour
       ... by The Wow Brothers, from "Back To Reality"
    - Weeki Wachee Girl
       ... by Davey Wow,
now on his cd "Cooler By The Sea"

                                                                                     length: 16:27


== EPISODE 17 ! ==  
I Ames To Please

     11-11-08.  When one looks back over one's life, one never
          forgets - and, in fact, holds a special affinity for - one's
          first love.  In this episode, you'll hear a few of the songs
          this high school sweetheart inspired - one from that era,
          and one written recently, when we re-established contact
          after many years.  Zowie, she still quickens my pulse!
    - Ode In The Key Of A, B, B, E (A Legend In My Own Mind)
    - Ames.  Abbe Ames.
       ... both from "Genius At Play"  
[now called "Genius At Trophy"]

                                                                                     length: 15:34

ode in the key of T,A,S,O,T,A,K !

wide-eyed and innocent ... almost

== EPISODE 18 ! ==  
Reconvened ... Almost

     11-18-08.  Tonight, I'll be playing a couple of songs that are
          related to a talented friend of mine - one I wrote ~about~
          her, and the other I wrote with her help ... although we
          didn't know she was co-writing at the time! It's a funny
          story which I relate in the episode, so see ya inside.
    - That's The Story, Morning Glory
       ... from "Genius At Play"  
[now called "Genius At Trophy"]

    - Get Me To The Bloodbank, I'll Make A Donation
       ... by TAK and Janine Jaye, from "Reconvened"
                                                                                     length: 15:56


== EPISODE 19 ! ==  
One Rose

     11-25-08.  It was twenty years ago today ...
                      Sgt Pepper told the band to play ...
          but Sgt Pepper has been rendered trivial now, because:
          It was one year ago tomorrow, she obliterated me with
          sorrow.   (Life can oft times purée yer raison d'être.)
    - One Rose, Coming Through
       ... from "Pinecone"
    - One Rose, Long Gone
       ... from "Pinecone Interruptus"
                                                                                     length: 13:32

let's see, where was i ... ?

coming soon!
~ A S A P ~

== EPISODE 20 ! ==

In Production

S T A Y   T U N E D !


== EPISODE 21 ! ==  
Hark! The Herald TASOTAK Sings

     12-9-08.  I'm kicking off my Christmas vidcasting season
          with a peek behind the evolution of my song 'TAK On
          Life', which started out about as far from a Christmas
          item as can be, but matured into one of my coziest and
          favorite yuletide compositions.  Happy season to you.
    - TAK On Life
       ... from "Home-Ogenized"
    - In Praise Of Christmas
       ... from "MARY Christmas"
                                                                                     length: 9:48

hark!  it's harold tasotak!!

god rest ye merry, tommy claus!

== EPISODE 22 ! ==  
God Rest Ye Merry, TASOTAK

     12-16-08.  Here's some more Christmas jocularity, from my
          evergreen to yours.  This second of the Santa webcasts
          gives you ~three~ songs to feast on, along with your milk
          and cookies.  If you're not in a yuletide spirit after that,
          then Santa's gonna hafta put you on his Naughty list.
    - Now It's Christmas ... Can't You Tell?
    - An Old-Fashioned Snowfall
    - It Won't Be Won't Be Won't Be Won't Be Long
       ... all from "MARY Christmas"
                                                                                     length: 14:40


== EPISODE 23 ! ==  
Have A Holly Jolly TASOTAK

     12-23-08.  Since Christmas is just around the corner, here's
          yet another heapin' helping of seasonal songs, in which I
          tell a childhood wish, and what a snowman is not, and I
          finish with a snow-licious song for my dear Momsie, who
          loved shoveling the white stuff!  MARY Christmas, y'all!
    - Tommy's Wish
    - A Snowman Is No Man
    - Shovelin' One For The Momsie
       ... all from "MARY Christmas"
                                                                                     length: 14:37

instead of a chip on my shoulder, i have a ~nick~ on my shoulder ... a Saint Nick!

i should take this Mime Act to vegas

== EPISODE 24 !==  
In One yEar, Out The Other

     12-30-08.  This year, my New Year's Resolution will be to
          NEVER make another New Year's Resolution, because
          no one ever sticks to them anyway.  And very likely, my
          ~next~ year's New Year's Resolution will be to NEVER
          EVER resolve to "never make another New Year's Res-
          olution", because no one ever sticks to them anyway . . .
    - New Year
    - Happy New Year
       ... both from "Kelleywatt Hours"
                                                                                     length: 13:46


== EPISODE 25 ! ==  
I Land On The Island

     2-17-09.  Wow!  I've just had one of the most incredible ad-
          ventures of my life!  It involved ... me ... me with no real
          game plan ... me with no real game plan in HAWAII!!
          Yup, you surely did read that correctly:  Hawaii.  The
          50th state of the United States Of America, that Hawaii.
          I can't wait to tell you about it in the episode.  Wow!
    - Aloha Beach  
[now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"]

    - Kim In The Parking Lot
       ... from "Kelleywatt Hours"
                                                                                     length: 22:22

my new look for 2009

the 'eyes' have it ......

== EPISODE 26 ! ==  
Hawaiian:  I

     2-24-09.  My Hawaiian-flavored shows continue ... well, of
          ~course~ they continue, because with me recently back
          from my tour de farce ... uh, I mean tour de f=o=rce ...
          of The Islands, and still all akimbo with the excitement
          of it, natch I wanna share my infinite euphoria with all o'
          y'all, so ~surf~ on inside {cool double meaning, eh?!}
    - Ankle-Deep In The Blue Pacific
    - Move Over, Rover
... both now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"

                                                                                     length: 13:27


== EPISODE 27 ! ==  
Catch A Wave

     3-3-09.  Hey, there's 6 INCHES OF SNOW on the ground
          outside my studio ...
          AARRRRGGGGHHHH ! !
               (why oh why did I come back??)
    - Clear Sky, Gentle Surf
    - Hang 10 At 11
... both now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"

                                                                                     length: 16:22

you've heard of Santa Claws ..?.. now meet Blurry Claws !

mr darkeyes

== EPISODE 28 ! ==  
It's A Shore Thing

     3-10-09.  Thomas Allen Kelley.  Hawaii.  They are what
          they are, and never the twain shall meet.  Or so went
          conventional wisdom - until recently, when conventional
          wisdom was turned on its head.  Throw Elvis into the mix
          and you got yerself the makings of quite the little luau,
          lemme tell ya!  As always, the story is only a click away.
    - I Saw Elvis On The Island
    - (Don't) HELP! (Having The Time Of My Life)
... both now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"

                                                                                     length: 17:51


== EPISODE 29 ! ==  
Malihini No More

     3-17-09.  I'm filling this here written summary with nothing
          but surfing terminology, just for the fun it it.  Think how
          humorous it will be when you stop by to see what I'm up
          to today, and all you find is surf jargon!  Funny, funny,
          funny!  So here I go, listing surf term after surfing term
          after surf term after ... oops, seems I'm out of room ... !!!
    - Luau Louie
    - Hawaiian Highways
... both now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"

                                                                                     length: 18:04

once a malihini, always a malihini ...

an "instrument" pose, ala early beatles

== EPISODE 30 ! ==  

     3-24-09.  This week, I'm featuring a cute little ditty written
          for young Grace, plus a song that was my theme whilst
          I was on the islands.  Then I'll use the rest of this space
          to list those surfing terms I promised all my Tasotak'ers
          last week.  So here I go, listing surf term after surf term
          after ... dear me - I'm outta room ~again~!  Go figure!!!
    - Two Little Fishies (Love On The Way)
    - Lounging Away
... both now on "The Hawaiian In Me In Hawaii"

                                                                                     length: 14:36





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