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 Here's A Message From  The Wow Brothers  For You, And ~Only~ You : 


Hi.  Buy our stuff.  That's all.

Oh yeah - come see us play, if ya wanna.
But mostly - buy our stuff.

Sincerely, The Wow Brothers

p.s. - buy our stuff


Each CD below is only $7, which includes shipping to any Continental US location.
(Note: other destinations will be based on actual shipping cost, so location will determine the final amount)

... and dig this:   each copy can be
at your request!
Holy Cow, has life ~ever~ been this good to ya??!!??

You can get our cd(s) directly from The Wow Brothers at their gigs ... or ...

Email Salesrep Sally at  to arrange for the payment and delivery of your order.
Requests are burned-&-printed on an as-needed basis, so as soon as your order is received,
the Production Staff will leap into action (that is, after we wake them, of course ...),
and you should have your Wonderful WOWorabilia within 2-3 weeks.


   ~  By  The  WOW  BROTHERS  ~    ( ... Buy  The  WOW  BROTHERS ... ! )

a circus tale, front

a circus tale, back


1. Walking Theme
2. The Circus Comes To Town
3. This Life
4. Trouble In The Big Top
5. Odd Fellow
6. People In My Travels
7. Rock Bottom
8. Fanfarade
9. Stay In School

A Circus Tale,  by Dave Werkhiser & Thomas Allen Kelley, who are now known as Davey Wow & Tommy Wow of The Wow Brothers.                                                

With this cd, Davey & Tommy have crafted a musical story of a young boy named Benny, who thinks that hanging out at his favorite fishing hole is more important than school.  Of course, one look at the title of track 9 and we know that in the end, Benny decides he needs to stay in school and get a proper education (hooray for you, Benny!).  As this cautionary tale unfolds, we hear music that is enjoyable to grownups and children alike, with the Stay In School message being beneficial to children.  A nice package from Trackwork Recordings Unlimited containing a 4-page booklet with all the lyrics.  Here's a testimonial from a young lad who owns this cd:  "I love this disc!  When my friends and I play baseball, we always use this cd as home plate."  . . . ok, well, never mind that, just take our word for it - you will enjoy A Circus Tale by The Wow Brothers!!

back to reality, front

back to reality, back

1. Sweetness By The Hour
2. I'm So Sick Of Sharon
3. Walking Right Behind You
4. Rhythm Of The City
5. Heckle This
6. Stand, Even If You Stumble
7. Legal Criminal
8. Jewelry Box
9. Who Stole The Bubblegum?
10. Chase Your Love Around
11. Kevin
12. The Ballad Of Sandy's Cinnamon Roll

Back To Reality,  by The Wow Brothers, aka the ever-popular Davey Wow and Tommy Wow!

{CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION}  Although this is the second cd by The Wow Brothers, it's the first one on which they are actual Wow ~brothers~.  On their first cd (A Circus Tale, above), they went by their given names, but with this outing - Back To Reality - they are officially Davey Wow and Tommy Wow, Musical Superstars  (ok, so the 'Superstar' part is probably stretching the truth a bit, but the rest of it so far is pretty much true!).  More information on these songs - and more of this witty repartee - will become available as it becomes available ... !!

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