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M U S I C    T O    Y O U R    E A R S  :
<== Davey Wow !

 Hey ..!.. Here's Groovy Words From  Davey Wow  For ~Your~ Ears Only : 


As soon as we can get Davey Wow to sit still for 5 minutes and write some sort of note to
you - his adoring fans - then we'll post his Words Of Wisdom.  Until that time, we got squat from the Dave-ster.

Davey:  if you're readin' this = "Get to it, Brutha-Man!!!!"


Each CD below is only $7, which includes shipping to any Continental US location.
(Note: other destinations will be based on actual shipping cost, so location will determine the final amount)

... and dig this:   each copy can be
at your request!
Wowie zowie, now, is that Livin' Large ~or what~ ??!!??

Email Salesrep Sally at  wowbrothers@hotmail.com  to arrange for the payment and delivery of your order.
Requests are burned-&-printed on an as-needed basis, so as soon as your order is received,
the Production Staff will leap into action (that is, after we ~hire~ a Production Staff, of course ...),
and you should have your Delightful DAVEYabilia within 2-3 weeks.



in search of daisy, front

in search of daisy, back


1. He's Your Hero
2. 18th Street
3. Two Hearts
4. Family Of Confusion
5. Once Upon A Moment
6. You Think You Got Troubles
7. Prisoner Of Fortune
8. The Princess Sits Alone
9. Living In The Shadows
10. Elevator Moment
11. Searching For Daisy

In Search Of Daisy,  by D W Wilson ... aka Davey Wow of The Wow Brothers.


the poet tree of david w werkhiser, front

the poetry of david w werkhiser, back


Spit And Sput
You Can't Love A Mountain
An Elevator Moment
The Delight Song Of Pistol Pete & Chimney
In The Wicked People's Court

and the mother of all poetic introspective milieu,

Frank Sinatra Mumbles "Ava" At The Waldorf, 3 AM

See the complete poem list, below.

The Poet Tree Of David W Werkhiser,  by David W Werkhiser ... aka Davey Wow of The Wow Brothers.

This unusual spoken work by David W W . . . The Poet Tree Of David W Werkhiser . . . has finally arrived at a gnarled tree on a beach near you, and it proves beyond a shadow of a willow tree branch that this artist is indeed out of his tree !  When one listens to this collection in its entirety, one is struck by the sensitive depth of this future-poet-laureate who has penned his heart without reservation, and, in the process, has evinced the Ultimate Poetic License, and possibly even created his most lasting legacy ... but, alas, we can't know what effect David's utterings will have on future generations - that is for Time to decide.  But for those of you living concurrently with him in this generation, now is the time to listen, observe, and absorb.

DWW's watershed performance is presented in a Class A package by Trackwork Recordings Unlimited, and includes an 8-page booklet containing every syllable emoted by Mr Werkhiser, plus 5 hilarious alternate takes.  This is an event you won't want to miss.


1. The Poet Bids Ahoy
 2. What's Inside Of Me
  3. Men At 52
   4. Spit And Sput
    5. Truth
     6. Oak
      7. Lilac
       8. Daisy
        9. Freedom Lives
         10. The Plow May Rust
          11. Free At Last
         12. You Can't Love A Mountain
        13. March On, Life
       14. Leaving
      15. Test Of Time
     16. A Waste Of Time
    17. An Elevator Moment
   18. The Delight Song Of Pistol Pete & Chimney
  19. I Trusted
 20. Only A Dream
21. My Whisper
 22. I Fall
  23. Your Place In Time
   24. What Am I Fighting For?
    25. Words
     26. Ellen Isn't Ellen Anymore
      27. In The Wicked People's Court
       28. A Hundred Days
        29. Winston
         30. Cathy's Heart
          31. Thank You
         32. Thank You For Mr. Kelley
        33. Family Of Confusion
       34. Frank Sinatra Mumbles "Ava" At The Waldorf, 3 AM
      35. Fill The Cup
     36. Memory Town
    37. Don't Tell Me There Are No Angels
   38. My Friend, My Bro, My Compadre
  39. Ninety-Three Years
 40. Friends
41. The Poet Bids Adieu

  outtake = 42. March On, Life - voiced as Shakespeare's Wife
    outtake = 43. March On, Life - voiced as Miss Piggie
      outtake = 44. Friends - can't read my own writing!
        outtake = 45. Cathy's Heart - voiced as Adolph Hitler
          outtake = 46. Cathy's Heart - voiced as Elvis Presley

cooler by the sea, front

cooler by the sea, back


1. Cooler By The Sea
2. Summer
3. Umbrella Man
4. Crawdad / So You Think You've Got Troubles
5. Weeki Wachee Girl
6. Anchor
7. Whiskey Dick
8. The Two Best Days Of Owning A Boat
9. Another Year In Key West
10. Trop Rockin' (That Island Point-Of-View)
11. Goodnight, Irene

Cooler By The Sea,  by Davey Werkhiser ... aka Davey Wow of The Wow Brothers.

Davey is already part of the "gulf-and-western" live music scene with his band Davey And The WaveRunners, playing Jimmy Buffett and Jimmy Buffett-style music (Davey calls it tropical rock), but with this cd of original songs, he makes a giant leap toward becoming a significant contributor of new music to the trop rock world, and perhaps even becoming one of trop rock's most popular, well-known performers -- yes, the songs are that good!  And yet, while the music is rooted in the Jimmy Buffett / gulf-and-western genre, not a single tune is a copy of any established artist - they are all uniquely Davey Werkhiser's own style of trop rock.  You see, Davey doesn't want to be the next Jimmy Buffett, he wants to be the next Davey Werkhiser, and Davey's growing fan base agrees that he should be.  It takes only one quick listen to verify that Davey's trop rock credentials are sound and that his fans are on to something.  Right from the start, the cd establishes a tropical atmosphere with Cooler By The Sea, and keeps the island languor flowing with tunes like Summer, Weeki Wachee Girl, Another Year In Key West, and Trop Rockin' (That Island Point-Of-View).  By the end of the last song, you'll swear there are cool sea breezes flowing right out of your speakers!

The cd is issued by Trackwork Recordings Unlimited, so naturally, in addition to the exceptional music, there is a booklet containing all the lyrics, and a dockful of credits, facts, and pictures.  High entertainment value, indeed!


no secrets, front

no secrets, back


1. Breaking Point
2. Betrayed
3. Forever Ended Yesterday
4. 2 Sides Of Love
5. I've Got Your Number
6. Angela
7. Prisoner Of Fortune
8. You Could Have Told Me

No Secrets,  by Magnum, a band which Davey Wow, currently of The Wow Brothers, helped found in 1978.

Davey was one of the founding fathers and only drummer of this powerhouse rock combo, an Pennsylvania-area mainstay for many years.  He still helps organize and participates in yearly Magnum reunions.  This was Magnum's second album, released in 1989.  In those days, the only instrument Davey played was drums, yet he still helped write one of the songs (Prisoner Of Fortune).  Of course, now-a-days, our boy Davey is a multi-instrumentalist, having taught himself to play a veritable plethora of instruments, including guitar, ukelele, harmonica, a bit of piano - and the radio ... wow, can this boy play the radio!!  But it's always a kick to listen back to this stuff from his formative days!

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