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 Episode 2:  All-Sydney Edition



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If I Thanked God

Yesterday i thought about the things we have been through          today i'm thinkin' 'bout it even more
Every inch of this ol' town and much of others, too          we've investigated to the core

I used to think of only one but now i think of two          and you and me as two make one for sure
There ain't that much here in my thoughts that don't link back to you          it's you and me as one that i adore

If i thanked god, i'd thank god for gracing my life with you
If i had religion, i would give praise for my happiness
If i was a prayin' man, oh i'd get down on my knees
And i'd thank god for you - if i thanked god

Forever and a day was once a wish in someone's song          it didn't really resonate with me
But all my reason changed the instant you happened along          and now you are my one reason to breathe

I don't know what it is that makes you love me like you do
But i will never question it, i will only love you

Yes, i'd thank god for you - if i thanked god

For Rebecca's On My Mind

For rebecca, i'm a-wrecka, for rebecca's on my mind
How i long to see rebecca, for rebecca's on my mind

I can't find words to fit rebecca          "i miss her so much" 'bout covers it all
She was my bestest friend in the whole wide world
Without her here, feels like i'm half as tall as i am

I thought i'd always have my becca          that she could be gone never crossed my mind
I shake my fist at the creator every day
And yell out "you have crossed that line by taking her away"

My times with her were filled with laughter          miles and miles of smiles as far as the eye could see
That's how i will remember my becca
Treasuring all the mem'ries she gave me through the years

For rebecca's on my mind
Yes, she's on my mind
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