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 Episode 1:  And Awa-a-a-ay We GO!



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Bump On My Head

I woke up today with a bump on my head          it sure was painful to me
I rolled out of bed, to the mirror i crawled          what in the world would i see?
I stood in the bathroom and gawked at the thing          hardly believing my eyes
Like a skyscraper, it stood on my noggin          can you imagine my surprise?

Why~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ do i have a bump on my head?

I went to a doctor, revealed my dilemma          he was no help to my plight
He threw up his arms and ran from the room screaming          somehow, that didn't seem right
So i went to a psychiatrist for an answer          hoping to get this thing solved
He shook his head and in no uncertain terms          said he didn't want to get involved

Now some people, they catch a cold          some people's allergies kick up
Other people break bones          me, i got a bump on me head

So now i'm back home, sequestered in my bedroom          i'm not fit for public consumption
How can i go out with this bump on my head          i certainly don't have the gumption
But the question remains how it got here in the first place          i do not remember roughhousing
I could understand if i had me a nightlife          but i never go out carousing

Trixie (Is In The House)

Trixie and ollie ran the house          they behaved like wife and spouse
Trixie was an english shepherd, ollie was a mut
Trixie had a calm demeanor, ollie was a nut

After many many happy years together, ollie lost his life to cancer, yessir
Trixie had a hard time dealing after he was gone
Mostly staring at the ceiling, she couldn't carry on

Trixie took her time as she grieved with ollie on her mind
She had to relieve her mournful pain          but she came alive again
Her owners noticed, gave her a big kiss
They said maybe trixie would like another companion

Trixie said "sure, i'd like another friend.  i'm not trying to replace ollie, mind you -
Ain't ~nobody~ can replace ollie - but i sure could use some company"
Of course, this all sounded like "woof woof WOOF" to her owners ... but that's what trixie was saying

One day, her owners took her to the animal shelter to help her find another friend to the end
Over in a dim-lit corner stood a grinning mut
They said his name was jack corner          they said he was a nut
Oh, and a nut he was!

Trixie went and sniffed him          he returned the favor
And in their conversation, they began to savor the friendship that had started before they even realized
And before you know it, she had chosen her guy
And from that point on, if you went to trixie's house, you would find

Trixie is in da house          jack corner's in da house
Two doggies in da house

Two doggies in da hou~ ~bow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow~ ~ouse
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