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Bite To Eat (Confusion Reigns)

Well, she went east and i went west
I went to texas, she went to the lone star
We both got reservations and waited for the other
But of course we didn't show 'cause we were waitin' on one another

Confusion reigns within my brain

As i waited for her, i figured where she was
I bet she's at the lone star, waitin' on me
Yet, i did not want to leave 'cause what if she left too?
But of course you know she didn't leave, so we both got screwed

I bet it's the last time she calls me
To ask me if i want to get a bite to eat

Well, texas buzzed me, said my table was ready
I politely declined and went to the lone star
She wasn't there, so i went back to texas
But she wasn't there either, so dat's da name o' dat tune

If there's a next time when she calls my phone line
And says it would be fine if we had some food and wine
She'll prob'ly say that the only way
Is if we get it in writing ... and get it notarized

We Gotta Try (To Get It Together)

I'm gonna tell you something i'm sure you've heard before
Something 'bout gettin' together and tryin' to stop the war
Now maybe it's repetitious but you sure can't disagree
We gotta try and get it together if we're gonna try and be free

You see all the crime and corruption and weapons they try to conceal
You think that it's just an illusion but it's all too very real
You think you're safe where you're standing but you're standing in an unsafe place
It seems no matter which way you turn danger stares you in the face

We are the ones who have to suffer all the problems
So why don't you try to make this world a better place for us to live in
And if you stop to think about it, you're the one who cause them
All those nasty problems you just can't face

You stand there and say it's not true but brother, it won't be long
These troubles will be no more and man will have been gone
You stand there and call me a liar but i think you know darn well
That if you open your eyes up wider you can see the fires of hell

We gotta try to get it together
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