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 Episode 17:  I Ames To Please



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Ode In The Key Of A, B, B, E (A Legend In My Own Mind)

I've thought about you many times, i've wondered how you're doin'
You know i've never left behind our memories in ruin
'Cause i really loved you and i really cared

A concert that we couldn't find in the middle of the winter
Resulted in a ripped-up map that i stomped into the cinders
Now you say you still have it, but i have much more than this

It was strictly high school, nothing really physical occurred
But it seems to have withstood the test of time
And now you're a legend in my own mind

I'd like to see you once again to express these feelings to ya
But maybe even more than this, i'd kinda like to woo ya
'Cause i think i still love you and i think i still care

Ames.  Abbe Ames.

Well, my thoughts are going back to a time long ago
When i knew this girl at school - double A were her initials
Always smelled like strawberrys and that always made my mouth water
She loved animals 'cause she was a veterinarian's daughter

I met her in my senior year, we hit it off big right away
She was not like the other girls - she did things her own way
Had a horse that she would ride near her house in the field
She would try to cure my shyness, telling me that i should yield

Her name was ames.  abbe ames.
There's a nice ring to that name
Ames.  abbe ames.

Music was a big part of us, we would always find new tunes
To play to the other one - she showed me the moody blues
I took her to elton john, we also saw the james gang, too
"We're so sorry, uncle albert" under headphones in her room
Called me a 'raven maniac' because i liked a band called raven
Laughed at that so hard, we cried - from her jokes, there was no savin' me
Savin' me

Recently, i tried to contact her to tell her that i miss her
She did not get back to me ... i wonder if she could be pissed at me
I can't imagine why          has it slipped her mind that she wrote
I won't ever forget you or the beautiful things you have done for me
You have done for me
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