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Niagara Falls   
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". . .  scenes  like old times . . ."
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Geo. Washington's
   Mount Vernon

  Washington NJ

Williamsburg VA                 

Boston MA

Cape May NJ

  Grand Canyon AZ

San Francisco CA

Philadelphia PA

Plymouth MA

Atlantic City NJ

Pompeii Italy

Statue Of Liberty



Lucy The Margate Elephant  [link not live]

Railroad Engines   

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~ The  'world' as Edsen sees it ~
Views! Views!  and more Views!!
Edsen Breyer  has been  hoarding views  (i.e.  collecting  postcards)
for some time now, and his collection has 
g  -  r - o - - n
both in size, and in the eclectic  r a n g e  of topics.
Until now, though, there has been no realistic way to
show any of these views to more than a select few.
But the  popularity  and   s c o p e   of  the
World  Wide  Web
have given Edsen an opportunity to open his collection to
M I L L I O N S !
And you, my friend, are lucky to be
One - In - A - Million ! !




Wing is


"This turned out to be such an ambitious project, that if we waited until all the galleries were completed, we wouldn't open to the general populace until well into the new millenium. So we went public with Niagara Falls as the sole exhibit (it's comprehensive enough to be a lone drawing card, anyway), and we're opening other sections in the Museum as they are finished. ( ! The Washington New Jersey Wing was complete, but now we are adding the Street Views, so look in on that. And don't forget to sail on into Boston MA for a revolutionary feeling. Also, listen for the nostalgic cry of "All Aboard!!", because we're going full steam ahead on the Railroad Engines Wing. Most recently, however, we've lit the hearth in George Washington's Mount Vernon Home, so stop by there for some good old-fashioned hospitality!) And, in order to stoke your anticipation for the rest of the categories, we've recently opened the Menu Pages in all of the current wings so you can get a better idea of what the Museum is working to accomplish.

Look what we've got going for us:
  • Not only can you return time and again to view the pics that caught your fancy on your first visit, but
  • New things or new wings will be premiering all the time, giving you countless chances to view entirely different pics.  Wait!  There's more:
  • No closing time - you can virtually stay as long as you like! . . . still more! :
  • Best of all: each and every visit is entirely, absolutely, and unequivocally free admission!!"

So when you're ready, settle back . . .
And make that mouse go 'clickety-clack' ! !
poem by Edsen Breyer


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