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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / Stereo View of Fun on the Ice Bridge, #001

#001 fun on the ice bridge

Write-up from back of card reads:  Winter cannot silence Niagara, but it does work other marvels, as we find when we come down here to the foot of the American Falls. How far we have descended we might guess from the apparent size of those people standing up there on the ice-coated cliffs of Prospect Point, just at the edge of the falls. They are fully 170 feet above our heads now. This gigantic mound before us, cutting off our view of the foot of the falls, is winter's own special addition to the scenery - the accumulation of frozen spray - snow that took its flight upward, not downward, before falling to rest under the shelter of the cliffs! That other ice-draped precipice beyond the American Falls, at the right, is a corner of Goat Island. If we were to turn still farther to the right, we should see the stupendous gulf of the Horseshoe Falls with the Canadian shore beyond. We human creatures do look absurdly little and "no-account" in the face of such majesty of dimension and dynamic power; and yet this is a place in which to be reverently conscious of man's real relation to nature. The utilization of the actual working power of these Falls is one of the most significant achievements of the century just ended [the 1800's]. It does remain to be hoped that those responsible for the great undertakings will have growing insight into the true value of beauty and refrain from vulgarizing the solemn splendor of the place with needless ugliness..

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