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A Study Of . . . Washington NJ / Petty (?) Building, #001

#001 petty (?) building

All dressed up.  This picture is from a little 10-page souvenir booklet entitled, "Welcome Home Celebration, June 9th, 1928" which shows views from 1909. This building is (still) on the southwest corner of West Washington Ave. & Broad St, and from what can be discerned, used to be called the Petty Building. It was later known as the O'Neill Building, and the Stover Building. Notice the multitude of chimneys on the roof which, in subsequent pics, are gone, having been removed when the heating system in the building was modernized. Also notice the blurry man near the center of the photo foreground - at first glance, he appears to be walking, but look again: he is actually riding a bicycle . . . you can see the faint blur of the wheels, and a definate image of handlebars. The only part of his lower body that is visable is one of his legs, which happens to be at the point of full downstroke, but even that is a little blurry and looks like a skinny tree branch.  (Photo from the booklet, "Welcome Home Celebration, June 9th, 1928"; caption by Thomas Allen Kelley)

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