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  Niagara Falls:  THE GORGE  

#001 entrance to great gorge

#006 ...gorge-ous!

1) Caption reads:  Entrance to Great Gorge Scenic Trip, elevator and tunnels, together with one thousand, five hundred feet of boardwalk. Get a close-up view of this thrilling spectacle.

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2)  A gorge-ous view soon to come!

#003 trolley line thru gorge

#004 trolley near giant rock in gorge

3) Postmarked Aug 27, 1912. Caption reads:  Trolley line through the Gorge, Niagara Falls. The ruggedness and picturesqueness of nature about Niagara Falls has been seriously modified by the arts of man, the latest invasion being the construction of a trolley line through the Gorge, starting at Prospect Park and passing close to the Whirlpool Rapids and the River until it reaches Queenstown Heights.

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4)  Postmarked Jul 10, 1912. Caption reads:  A ride on the trolley line through the Gorge at Niagara Falls is one of the sensations of pleasure and surprise, which sometimes approached trepidation, as towering rocks, looming threateningly over the tracks cut through the bluffs, produce a feeling of insecurity.

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#005 gorge trolley, car 28

5) Caption reads:  The Niagara Gorge was the route of one of the world's most spectacular trolley rights-of-way. This car was snapped in 1935, toward the end of operation.  (From "The Bulletin of the National Railway Historical Society, Vol 28, No 2, 1963"; photo by Stephen D Maguire)

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