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#001 queenston-lewiston bridge

#002 queenston-lewiston bridge

1) Caption reads:  Niagara Falls. Great Gorge Route, bird's eye view of suspension bridge connecting Queensboro [sic], Ontario with Lewiston, NY.

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2) Postmarked Jul 8, 1915. Caption reads:  The suspension bridge from Queenstown [sic] to Lewiston, over the Niagara River, is 1050 feet long, and stretches 80 feet above the surface of the water. It was opened to the public in July 1899, and is the only suspension bridge crossing the river, the others being constructed on the arch or cantilever principle. The bridge connects Lewiston on the American side and Queenstown, named after Queen Charlotte, on the Canadian side. The first suspension bridge at this point was erected in 1850 and was wrecked by a hurricane in 1865.

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