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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / Cave of the Winds, #007

#007 cave of winds tour from maid of mist boat

Is this what they mean by the Land Down Under?  Edsen speaks: "Notice that the walkway closest to the camera is in a state in non-completion. Normally, the walkways extend well over to the left edge of this picture, and by the time they are completed, they will extend that far. It's a little-known fact that the walkways are dismantled at the end of each tourist season, and the wood is stored, to be brought out again at the beginning of the next season, when the walkways will be reconstructed. New wood will be added as needed. The reason for this is that the extremely harsh winter weather, and the cascading water and mist turning to ice and back again, would wreak havoc on the wood and would literally tear the walkways apart. So even though it's quite troublesome to put them up and take them down annually, that's still easier and safer than trying to repair the damage each year. An interesting result of this dismantle/rebuild system is that the walkways are never the same twice!  Each year, the path is at least slightly different than any other year. I personally find this to be nearly the single most fascinating fact of the entire Niagara Falls experience."

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