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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / Stereo View of Luna Island, #001

#001 luna island in winter; rare view of tower in background

Write-up from back of card reads:  We are standing on Luna Island, the tiny rock islet that lies between the main American Fall and Centre Fall. To reach it, one must pass from Goat Island down a flight of steps to a low bridge which leads directly over the roof of the Cave of the Winds to Luna Island. At this season, the bridge is so crusted with ice that one must walk nearly on a level with the railing at the side. The island itself lies so flat upon the water that a very little more would submerge it. And it is so near the brink that the woman [in the picture] showing so black against the further railing could touch the leaping water with her foot; consequently, it gets the full force of the spray which we see frozen on the few evergreens and bushes in the most fantastic shapes. Each tiny twig has swollen to enormous size in its icy covering, bushes have grown to giants, and the crusted trunks of the trees look like some colossal human form standing amont the branches. Directly in front, the spray has congealed on the rocks in fluted masses resembling a frozen cascade. Close beside the icy coating rushes the water about to plunge over the Centre Fall. To the right of the little island stretches the great sweep of the American Fall, broken occasionally by floes of ice caught on the jagged rocks and hanging far over the brink. Behind the tallest tree rises the Observation Tower in Prospect Park, commanding magnificent views, particularly of the gorge of the Niagara River, which lies directly in the line of view at the extreme left. Even the trees in the Park are crusted with the frozen spray, and glitter in the sunlight as if cased in crystal.

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