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A Study Of . . . Niagara Falls / Maid Of The Mist, #010

#010 close-up of most recent boat styles

Edsen speaks:  "This is the very same boat that I (and the missus) went on during our sojourn at Niagara Falls in summer '96 . . . not a boat of the same type, but the very one! We stood topside, front row, slightly right of center. It was nowhere near as crowded on our tour - we had only about 1/3 the amount of people shown here. When you're inside the horseshoe of the Canadian Falls, the roar of the water is quite deafening. The mist was so exhilerating as it beat across our faces, that, in order to enjoy the full measure of it, we thrust our faces skyward like a couple of hungry baby birds waiting for our worms! (It's no wonder that the near-by passengers moved away from us...)"

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