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#1: bird's-eye view showing west side

#2: bird's-eye view showing west side

1) Caption reads:  Washington's home, Mt Vernon VA, showing Bowling Green and gardens. The home is 16 miles south of Washington on the Potomac River. View was taken from an aeroplane flying at a great height and gives the pilgrim to Mt Vernon a more comprehensive view than could otherwise be secured.

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2) Partial caption reads:  An airplane view of Mt Vernon.  (From The National Geographic Magazine, May 1928)

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#3: bird's-eye view showing west side

#4: bird's-eye view showing south side

3) Caption reads:  The Mansion House of Mt Vernon occupies a beautiful site overlooking the Potomac River. The house was built in 1743 by Lawrence, half-brother of George. The name Hunting Creek was changed to Mt Vernon in honor of Admiral Vernon, under whom Lawrence had served against Spain. In 1747, George came to live with Lawrence at Mt Vernon. Two years after the death of Lawrence, in 1752, the title of the estate passed to Washington.

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4) Caption reads:  This view of Mt Vernon, The Home Of George Washington, was taken from an aeroplane, and gives one an idea of the beautiful estate of the Father of his Country, the Mecca of every patriotic American. Mt Vernon is 16 miles south of Washington DC on the banks of the Potomac River.  (Photo by Blake)

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#5: bird's-eye view showing east side

#6: bird's-eye view showing east side

5) Caption reads:  Air view of Mt Vernon VA. Mt Vernon is an inspiring site from the air, with the Potomac River, broad winding highways, and the beautiful mansion and grounds.

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6) Caption reads:  Washington's home, Mt Vernon VA, from an aeroplane

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#7: bird's-eye drawing showing west side

#8: vaughan plan of mt vernon

7) Caption reads:  A perspective view of the mansion, outbuildings, gardens, etc., with a key thereto.  (From "Mount Vernon Virginia, An Illustrated Handbook, © 1947)

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8) Caption reads:  The Vaughan Plan of Mt Vernon, presented to General Washington by Samuel Vaughan in Nov 1787. The plan is based on notes made by Vaughan at Mt Vernon several months earlier, and its accuracy is attested by Gen Washington's letter of acknowledgment.  (From "Mount Vernon, An Illustrated Handbook, © 1968)

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