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#001 old south meeting house

#002 scene soon seen

1)  [click pic for Fantastimage]

2)  No picture here yet.
{ a recent view of the scene in picture #1
will be exhibited here, when EBPM procures one }

#003 old south meeting house interior

#004 old south meeting house interior

3) Postmarked Feb 17, 1979. Caption reads:  The closed-in pews with high sides gave protection from icy drafts in winter. Charcoal foot stoves were supplied for each pew owner. Children and servants occupied the first gallery, slaves and bonded servants the second.

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4) Caption reads:  Old South Meeting-house (1729), Washington and Milk Streets, Boston 8, Massachusetts.

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#005 old south meeting house interior

#006 ...pious!

5) Postmarked Nov 8, 1906. Caption reads:  Organ loft and Choir Gallery, old South Meeting House, 1861. [webmaster's note: lower case "o" in the word "old" is as per card]

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6) A pious view soon to come.

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