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#001 old north church

#002 old north church

1) Caption reads:  Christ Church (Old North), Boston, Mass. Copyright 1900, by Detroit Photographic Co.

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2) Caption reads:  The Old North Church, Salem Street, is the oldest church in Boston. From its belfry on the night of April 18, 1775, lanterns displayed started Paul Revere on his historic ride through the Massachusetts countryside.

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#003 old north church

#004 scene soon seen

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4)  No picture here yet.
{ a recent view of the scene in pictures #1, 2, & 3
will be exhibited here, when EBPM procures one }

#005 old north church interior

#006 ...evangelical!

5) Postmarked May 20, 1966. Caption reads:  Interior of "Old North Church" of Paul Revere Fame, Salem Street, Boston, Mass., showing the chancel, pulpit, and sounding board, and the bust of Washington, as it appears on the right. These are the original high pews, used each Sunday for services at 11:00.

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6)  An evangelical view soon to come.

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