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  Boston MA:  FANEUIL HALL  

#001 faneuil hall

#002 faneuil hall

1) Caption reads:  Faneuil Hall, "Cradle of Liberty," built 1763 [sic], Boston Massachusetts.

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2) Caption reads:  Faneuil Hall - Cradle of Liberty, Boston, Mass.

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#003 faneuil hall

#004 faneuil hall

3) Postmarked Aug 24, 1909. Caption reads:  Faneuil Hall, Boston, was erected by Peter Faneuil, a Huguenot merchant in 1742. It is a celebrated public hall, sacred to the cause of Liberty. The original building was destroyed by fire in 1781 and was rebuilt 3 years later. During the Revolutionary times, the building was used for Political meetings, and became known as the "Cradle of American Liberty." The hall is capacious and adorned with Portraits of eminent Americans.

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4) Postmarked Jun 19, 1907. Caption reads:  Faneuil Hall, Boston.

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#005 faneuil hall

#006 faneuil hall interior

5) Postmarked Aug 5, 1908.  Caption reads:  Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass. Built in 1742 by Peter Faneuil.

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6) Postmarked Sept 14, 1906.

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